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Line in the Sand Book   - based on Trailquest expeditions in Morocco


Who we are:
Established over twenty years ago we have an enviable track record of success. Our team of friendly instructors have a wealth of experience, having participated and led adventurous expeditions to remote regions throughout the world, ranging from the Arctic Circle to the Sahara, and from East Africa to the Himalayas.

What we do:
Using our extensive experience in adventurous travel and network of contacts we offer training and support to anyone looking to have an adventure. Day to day this involves running a selection of training courses which are aimed at differing levels of ability and experience. We also provide expedition consultancy to those preparing for long duration trips in remote areas. We have helped prepare and train several round the world expeditions and numerous Trans Africa/Trans America expeditions. The team can do everything from simply evaluating and advising on a plan through to fully organising and preparing a team for an expedition.

On a regular basis we also devise and lead our own expeditions to a range of diverse and challenging locations around the globe. Our expedition teams are usually made up of satisfied clients who have attended our training courses, met our friendly instructors and worked up an appetite for adventure!

Our Facilities :
The facilities available to Trailquest are extensive. Our main operating base is a private estate near Ledbury, Herefordshire. The 1200 acre estate is privately owned and Trailquest have exclusive use of the facility. Set in the Midlands it has easy access via the M5 / M50 motorways, a mainline railway station at Ledbury and a helicopter / light aircraft landing ground.

We also have access to a further 1000 acres of Forest Commission land near Hereford and several hundred acres of mountain terrain near Abergavenny in South Wales. Our diverse training areas allow us to provide training on all types of trails, with the intention of replicating the types of trails travelers are likely to encounter on a real adventure.

We also have established a close link with The Verzon Hotel near Ledbury where we can offer accommodation , meals and additional training facilities.