Such a great learning experience with Trailquest. World class coaching across a range of challenging surfaces and situations. 

Nick Houlton

 Thanks again for a fantastic day out, thoroughly enjoyable and very educational, I learned a lot under your calm and knowledgeable hand and it has given me a thirst to learn more. Thanks for all of the advice about kit/accessories etc, I should have looked for your advice before buying my riding gear 

Derek Barlow

 From training to the undertaking of expeditions; the Trailquest team offer a comprehensive and professional approach that assures you that you are in capable hands and you're operating in the margins of safety at all times. Their real talent lies in opening up the sense of adventure from training to expedition through precise and pragmatic planning. Speaking from the experience of the recent India trip, the Trailquest team delivered an experience that many would find hard to rival. 

Joe M

 A superb introduction to handling a large adventure bike and far superior to other courses I have attended. Excellent instruction by a highly professional team – thank you Patrick and Richard. 

Joe L

 Great memories & superb trip ....can’t recommend these guys enough for your adventure needs. 

Mathew Tattersal

 Many thanks and congratulations on such a successful trip. For such a size of group and such activities, it is a credit to you and Patrick that it went so well and without a single hitch. We all had a lot of fun and also saw things that would not have been possible as a solo traveler / biker. Please pass my thanks to all those that helped. 

Simon Thomas

 I had an amazing time at Trailquest today and cannot wait to come back. 

Fajili Bibi

 Thanks for the great time with Trailquest. Everything we learned will be very useful and found it matched and then exceeded what I expected and hoped for. 

Paul T

 Brilliant, can’t praise this place enough! Well structured and the delivery of training 1st class!! 

Dale T

 Just to say thanks and to offer my compliments on your training: Good, measured pace, clear explanations and fun. All round excellent. 

Peter R

 Thank you very much Richard. I had a wonderful day and you're an excellent trainer. Trailquest decal on my Metal Mule panniers. Will make contact once on the Pamir Highway. 

Malcolm D

 Once again, many thanks for the professional and friendly training day. 

Marcus O

 I liked your method of teaching and felt safe and enjoyed every minute being on the bike. Thank you for all the inspiration, I left with a head full of information and hope to continue putting that all into practice. 

Melissa B

 We all very much enjoyed our day with you and Paul - haven’t had so much fun on 2 wheels for a long time! Daunting start, followed by an enjoyable, educational and professionally managed day. Perfect ! 

David Williams

 I have really enjoyed the experience and will champion you to anyone who will listen to me and also hope to be with you for Day 3 later in the year. 

Mark A

 Fantastic day with Trailquest today. I loved every single minute of this great experience and I will be back for Day 2 (and 3) next year. I have been riding motorcycles since I was 6 years old, I turn 50 on 23rd September, and I can honestly say this is one of my best motorcycle memories of all time. Great day, great bike, thank you Richard. 

Andrew Londsborough

 Thanks for a fun day! My first humble attempt on a bike. I would definitely recommend to those who also want to give it a go. I can vouch for the patience of the trainer! 

Sophia Raja

 I had a fantastic time - thank you, it was just perfect for me. I do hope I can make it back for Day 2 and 3! 

Nicola Fowler

 Thanks for another great ride, really big confidence booster towards a proper adventure trip . I'll book day three as soon as I get leave rota. 

D Jenkins

 Thanks Richard, he had the most amazing time and came home absolutely buzzing! Thanks again for an incredible day. 

Jane Craig

 Thanks to you and Nick for your tuition – most enjoyable 2 days – definitely hope to come back. Keep me posted about any adventures planned in the future. 

Ian McIntosh

 A big thank you to both you and Nick for a fabulous day. I was apprehensive to start with but your expert tuition and advice built my confidence throughout the day. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and hope to attend the two day course in the near future. 

Gary Pickford

 Thoroughly enjoyed the training. Learnt plenty of new skills and gained a lot of confidence. Superb lessons and delivery. Just right level for the level for us and I will be booking follow up training shortly. 

Colin Campbell

 Thank you for a great training day. I have certainly got the off-road-bug now so will have to try and find a date that is free for me to do the Day 2 course. 

Alex Short

 Thanks again for a super day on Saturday and your expert instruction. 

Simon Wolton

 Many thanks . It has been a great day and I feel that I’ve learnt quite a bit as well as really enjoying the experience. Please book me on to the next Day 2 course. 

Tom Bayram

 Many thanks for an extremely enjoyable day. I managed to make it to Normandy to see my parents without 'kissing the tarmac'. Very much look forward to doing the two to three day course sometime in the first part of next year. 

Charles Petrie

 A brilliant day. Your tuition was set at just the right level and I appreciated your patience! I look forward to doing Day 2 later this year. 

P James

 A big thanks for yesterday, very enjoyable and very confidence boosting. I can totally understand where Trailquest are coming from with the training provided. As you say what’s the point of hammering through beautiful countryside to reach your destination and missing everything in between, or maybe not even making it there! Your delivery was brilliant, so many great tips and advice. 

Tim Ryan

 Thank you so much for one of the most enjoyable biking days/experience, your patience and professional approach second to none. I certainly will be back for the next stage. 

Christopher Howard

 Thanks everyone for the great experience and to the organizing crew for the training plan! I feel so lucky to be able to ride and learn from such a talented group of people! 

F Ragazzi

 thanks - it was a great day and surpassed my expectations as I never thought you would run a session just for one person. 

Ian Cartledge

 Many thanks for yesterday's Day 3 mini adventure, I had an excellent days riding & learnt such a lot. (As is usual for one of your courses). 

Ivor Mathias

 I had a cracking time. Thank you so much for the training. You're patient and excellent teacher. I can't wait to come back and do more, no matter what the weather. 

Nigel Kellow

 After much searching, we came across Trail Quest. We quickly realised that Richard and his crew had a different attitude to many of the other outfits that we had contacted, not only were they happy to provide skills training and ongoing support to a novice like me, but the place on the trip was not assured until they and spent some time with us and an invitation was extended. Trail quest insisted on multiple pre-trip training and team bonding meetups, initially this filled me with anxiety as my preconceptions about a trip like this would be populated with macho ex enduro types ever ready to highlight my inexperience and lack of technical skill away from the pavement. The reality was very different. The initial training that had been laid on especially for me was invaluable. With a real comprehension of my inexperience and apprehension, Richard and Patrick guided me through the fundamental techniques that I would need for the trip and gave me a solid platform to build from. 

Sophie Ashley

 We had a fabulous day and I personally am really pleased with what I achieved. David, was surprised at how much he learnt too even with umpteen years motorcycling experience. I also want to say thank you to you as I really liked your instructor style and made me feel very at ease and help me push myself. David and Lisa Killner 

David & Lisa Killner