What are they all about?
On a Trailquest Expedition our mission is to get off the beaten track and explore some of the world’s more remote regions often taking in routes where few travelers have been before. The key word being used here is ‘explore’, our expeditions are not road tours, and not about travelling from one destination to another as fast as you can! To us the expedition is about the journey itself, the people you meet, the challenges you are forced to overcome and everything else you experience along the way. Many of our expeditions have genuine research aims and we have worked with universities and individuals carrying out archaeological and geological fieldwork in many remote areas.

What sort Expeditions do we run?
We offer places on a range of expeditions to different parts of the world. We have in the past been to destinations such as Ethiopia, South Africa, Iceland, India and Finland. We tend to alternate where we go and are always looking for new challenges. Between now and the end of 2024 we currently have planned expeditions to India and Morocco.

The Expeditions we run range in difficulty, therefore we are able to offer places to people with varying levels of experience. Our aim is to try and fit people to expeditions that match their capabilities. We find doing this adds to the enjoyment for all involved.

Accommodation on such expeditions ranges from wild camping to 5* hotels, again this entirely depends on where we are going and what sort of expedition it is.

Trailquest always provides two instructors and a support vehicle. During the build up to the expedition we usually run a couple Team Training weekends, these are a good way for everyone to meet each other and to allow a team dynamic to form. We expect everyone to work together and work as a team whilst on the Expedition.

Who do we take?
We like to fill the teams with people who have done some training with us, as they then know who we are and better understand our mentality and ethos towards such travelling. Having said this we are open to anyone who shares our passion for adventure riding. As mentioned above, we expect team members to have attended at least two team training weekends prior to the expedition (which is included in the overall cost), this is to ensure the whole team knows each other before we depart. We aim to put like-minded people together into an expedition team, this is crucial to the enjoyment of the overall experience.

What are the Costs/Duration?
These differ depending on location and style of Expedition you are on. Price's usually start from around £3,800 - £4500 and the length ranges from 8-15 days.

If you are interested in discovering more about our previous expeditions or joining us on one of our upcoming expeditions, please get in contact and let us know your sort of adventure you are interested in.

Forthcoming Expeditions:

Himalayas ( North West India 2023)

Our next expedition to the Himalayas received a lot of interest and is now fully booked. However please do contact us if you are interested and we will let you know of any other projects we are working on in India.

Morocco (2024)

This is a mixed 4x4 / adventure motorcycle archaeological expedition to SW Morocco. Continuing the previous work on colonial era forts and fortifications this one will be concentrating on the survey of one important site.

Take a look at our Expeditions Gallery to get an idea of what our expeditions are all about.